Furman, born in 1987, is a mixed media visual artist from Bogotá, Colombia. He currently resides in Madrid, Spain, where he has opened his second art studio. Nicole graduated from Brown University with a double degree in Sociology and Economics. She has dedicated to his career as a visual artist for more than a decade.

Nicole has participated in a variety of art courses and has received certifications in different areas of the plastic arts, including photography, figurative sculpture, ceramics and molds, painting, drawing, screen printing and others, in different institutions, including the ArtCenter of South Florida, Brown University in Rhode Island, TazadeCasa in Bogotá, Colombia, NUM Studio in Madrid, Spain and the Wyly Art Center in Colorado.

His work is represented by the Other 360 Degrees Gallery in Bogotá, Colombia and Spain. Their Pieces are also available at Galería la Cometa in Colombia and Art+Shanghai Gallery in China. Furman’s works are also exhibited on a variety of online platforms, including Saatchi Art, 1st Dibs, Artnet, Artsy and ArtNexus.

1. Light, 2022-2023. 60 x 60 cm
2. En Brillo, 2022. 100 x 60 cm
3. Ministardust II, 2023. 40 x 30 cm
4. Stardust, 2021-2022. 200 x 150 cm
5. Vuelo al Amanecer, 2022. 200 x 40 cm

* All pieces are made of hand-sewn textile from hundreds of butterflies of recycled polyester painted with acrylics, intervened with wax and liquid metals.