Madrid Inside Art & Design proudly brings together experts in design, tech, art, architecture, and publicity, creating a dynamic fair that enlightens its participants and guests. We host a variety of talks, events, and cocktails throughout the duration of the fair, providing a unique experience that brings us closer to the world of design. 

In our sister event - Marbella Design - we have had the pleasure of hosting talks and panels with Dejan Sudjic, Sarah Miller, Frank Stepheson, Ianko López, Victoria Garriga, Luis Laplace, Elvira Solana, Asier Rua, Lucía Tahan, Paloma Gómez Marín, Héctor Ruiz Velázquez, Teresa Sapey, Marisa Santamaría, Tomas Alia, César Caicoya and more! 

Stay tuned for the official calendar. 


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    ■ 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM / Reception for VIPs, Professionals, and Press.
  2. Wednesday 6th March

    ■ 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM / Breakfast with press and tour of the spaces.

    ■ 12:00 PM / Presentation of the latest trends in design and architecture by ORAC (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 5:00 PM / Shaping Atmosfeir Talk by VIBIA (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM / Presentation of MIAD, featuring the exhibition of GALERIA ESTUDIO PAUSA by FEARLESS with AEDAS at C/Padilla 17, Madrid. (exclusive event for exhibitors).
  3. Thursday 7th March

    ■ 12:30 PM / D¡OS_ Day 1. Conference "Technology and design in domestic spaces" by IDEA Design, Murcia (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 1:30 PM / ECOCERO_ Talk/conference with Alejandra Pombo and Jorge Bellido (CEO of ECOcero) "Ecology and acoustic sustainability in interior design" (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM / conference with interior designers "Virtual spaces designed without limits to showcase products", materials, and brands, by DECOHUB.IO with the participation of David Millón, Alejandra Pombo, Erico Navazo, Miriam Alía, Alba de la Fuente, and Puntofilipino (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 6:00 PM / D¡OS_Conference "Architectural Visualization in real-time with Unreal Engine", by VOXEL School, affiliated center of the University of Deusto (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 7:00 PM / Lola Rúa Thought Cycle in the auditorium. The TOCADAS space by Lola Rúa will present the OFFICIAL TRAILER OF THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES, created and presented by herself, with Tomás Alía as artistic director of the project and COPILOTOS as audiovisual producer (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 7:30 PM / BESFORM+REKKER welcome speech with specialized press (including Barcelona reporters) (AUDITORIUM).
  4. Friday 8th March

    ■ 12:30 PM / DIOS_ Day 2. Conference "How to work communication to get on the cover of the media?". Aimed at interior designers and designers. By the editor of ROOM Magazine (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 1:30 PM / Talk presentation of space IT'S A SIN, LA EBANISTERIA with SIMONA GARUFI (SPACE S9).
  5. Saturday 9th March

  6. Monday 11th March

    ■ 13:30 / DIOS_ Day 3. Conference "Design and Sustainable Practices 360" by Lluïs Carbonell from Barcelona (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 16:00 / Debate "Art and design coexistences of the 21st century" with ALFONS TOST (interior designer and co-founder of Alfons & Damian studio) + IÑIGO CALLEJA (designer and maker - founder of Amber Craft & Design) (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 17:00 / DIOS_ Conference "The New Innovation in Acoustic Coatings" by Mar Vera and Jorge Fernández, ECOCERO from Alicante (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 18:00 / Workshop on new materials and solutions created from by-products, by WIM Studio from Galicia and TATTOO Contract (AUDITORIUM).
  7. Tuesday 12th March

    ■ 12:30 / DIOS_ Day 4. Presentation of the new online platform for professionals and brands in the Retail industry, by STRÄBE (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 19:00 / FIRST PASS. Live cocktail show with Bardera and Altelier Studio (S5).

    ■ 19:30 / SECOND PASS. Live cocktail show with Bardera and Altelier Studio (S5).
  8. Wednesday 13th March

    ■ 09:30 / Marisa Gallo Breakfast at COSENTINO CITY.

    ■ 12:30 / Lecture on natural light + Spanish wine with VELUX (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 12:30 / "Ikigai Experience", a workshop led by Patry Jordán, influencer and graduate in nutrition, and Felix Bravo, oriental therapist and bio constructor (B3/B4).

    ■ 13:30 / INKO, Showcooking - Japanese cuisine, a session led by kitchen specialist BORA, with the guidance of a professional Chef (B3/B4).

    ■ 16:00 / "Ikigai Experience", a workshop led by Felix Bravo, oriental therapist and bio constructor (B3/B4).

    ■ 16:30 / Space presentation and coffee with LA EBANISTERIA and SIMONA GARUFI (S9).

    ■ 18:00 / MAISON&OBJET with Paula Baulde "trends from research and inspiration from interior design" (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 19:00 / WELCOME DESIGN Cocktail (space B9).
  9. Thursday 14th March

    ■ 12:00 / Discussion panel-debate VIBIA (AUDITORIUM).

    ■ 20:30 / AWARD CEREMONY (RESTAURANT). (Exclusive event for exhibitors).
  10. Friday 15th March

    ■ 12:00 / BTICINO Event with catering (TERRACE).

    ■ 17:30 / IT'S A SIN Performance by Butosofia with Natalia Andru and Jonathan Martineau (space S9).
  11. Sunday 17th March

    ■ 7:00 PM / Performance IT´S A SIN (space S9).

*Calendar as of 11/03/2024 subject to changes.